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You must stop the impending invasion of the imperial army.
Lumidia Games
Dec 2, 2022
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You must stop the impending invasion of the imperial army.
Infiltrate a valley filled with tons of air defense weapons and fighters to hit your target.
It is a difficult operation that only the best pilots can challenge.
“Good luck.”

* From the creators of SUPER TANK RUMBLE

• Unlike the classic Galaxy, Invaders, 1945 like Shooter, or retro SHMUP genres,
Valley Striker flies a path between complex canyon with smooth 360-degree turns.
• Even if you close the app during the game, you can continue playing the stage you were in progress the next time you run it.
• It is not necessary to destroy all enemy units. The mission is to infiltrate the final target point while avoiding the defense net.
• Each time you clear a stage, you can upgrade 17 types of items through supply.
• If you collect medals obtained by shooting down enemies, you can permanently upgrade the aircraft’s abilities through Research.
• As you clear 100 chapters, you will encounter new enemies that will challenge you.
• This game supports frame rates of 60Hz and 120Hz, so you can experience a surprisingly smooth game.
• Depending on the stage time, the scenery and atmosphere change beautifully.
• Roguelike Shooting Em Up Game.
• Valley Striker is available in English, 한글, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, ไทย, Indonesia, Tiếng Việt

CONTENT in development
• More maps of various concept are under development.
• Stunning new types of enemy units are in development.

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Valley Striker officially released!

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