Take Root: Growing Plants Apk Mod (Unlimited Money)


Play as a plant’s root that grows its roots deepest soil to find fresh water. Avoid hazards, explore, upgrade your root and discover what lies below. Grow your charming tree. Growing the tree is your main goal.
Muveso Games
October 4, 2021
7.0 and up
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  • Lots of Money



Play as a plant’s root that grows its roots deepest soil to find fresh water. Avoid hazards, explore, upgrade your root and discover what lies below. Grow your charming tree. Growing the tree is your main goal.

You will see with your own eyes how impressive a growing plant is. Money and dollar trees shouldn’t be all that realistic and fascinating. It’s time to get rid of the fake money trees and meet the beauties of real nature. You will completely change your interest in the cash tree. What does cash have to do with a tree anyway? ? Forget everyhing about money games. Stay focused to growing up. Grown tree is much better than money trees. Tree evolution is the heart of growing games and it takes mass roots.

Do you know nature simulation games? Take Root is a nature simulation game. It provides a clearer understanding of underground resources and underground pollution. You can also simulate time tree and you must be looking forward to seeing the underground fossils and mines.

Move your finger where you want to go. This is different from clicker games. Your water content act as health and shows up on your root tip. Pickup water to replenish your health and go further down. You get 1 flower every 50 cm. You get 1 flower each time you drink fertilizer. Upgrading is key! You must constantly improve your growing tree and plant roots.

Small roots move randomly, but they can go faster and get water from far away. Get all the way to the bottom to unlock Time Trial! Unlock every tree! With each new tree you will encounter a new challenge and beauty.

You have a seed and you must cultivate it. The deeper the roots reach, the bigger your tree will be. Every flower on your tree will give you an extra bonus. Watch out for underground obstacles! Poisons can destroy your seed. If you reach the deepest core of the ground, you will complete your magical tree! Here you will see more exotic and colorful trees than hempire trees.

Use your brainpower to solve brain challenges while enjoying a relaxing musics and hypnotizing experience. Take Root is a brain teasing game which also uses nature rules at the heart of a root game. Move tree’s root with a flick of your finger, and try to get it into true destination.

Looks easy, but different traps produce different effects. If you fail, you can try it again. Teasers can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to unlock physicsbased puzzles. The levels will be increasingly difficult, to tree time.

Take Root is a tree up game mix of teaser games!


• Minimalist Game & Fascinating Graphics & Physicsbased game play;
• Can be played with a single finger;
• Easy to learn but difficult to master, Brain Game rules are constantly evolving.
• Relaxing environment and no pressure to finish it. Similar to the undeground, time is also infinite in take games.
• Relaxing games tree simulator;
• Pay attention to where your root will go 🙂

How to Play Take Root

The goal of this grow tree game is to get your root to the deepest core of the ground. Keep in mind that the root need to stay away from all of the obstacles, labyrinths and mazes while going into the destination. When the game is finish, a plant trees will rise from the idle flower you saw at the beginning of the game.


The first levels are easy, but the levels become more difficult as you advance.

On some levels, you will face new features and mechanics! With this kind of new obstacle, the game will be more difficult but more enjoyable at the same time as you advance.

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How to install Take Root: Growing Plants 2.5 Apk Mod (Unlimited Money) ?

1. Tap the Downloaded MOD.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

4. If contained OBB File, Unzip/Extract the downloaded OBB, and put in the given path: Android → obb

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