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Get rare equipment by defeating monsters that nest in various automatically generated dungeons!
Oct 4, 2022
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  • The use of gold coins and diamonds will increase



Get rare equipment by defeating monsters that nest in various automatically generated dungeons!
Enjoy defeating monsters, strengthening equipment, and raising your heroes freely.

#About the dungeon#
Dungeons are automatically generated each time you enter a dungeon.
The location of the portal to the lower floors and the placement of enemies are also reset.
In addition, a powerful boss monster awaits you at the deepest level of each dungeon.

#About Skills#
Use the skill points granted each time you level up to acquire skills to advance in battle.
Increase your attack power, learn recovery and attack magic, etc., as you wish!

#About Hero Training#
You can freely set AGI, STR, DEX, VIT, INT, and LUK to develop into your favorite hero.

#About weapons and armor#
There are categories of daggers, one-handed swords, two-handed swords, axes, and bows, which have high attack power but have advantages and disadvantages such as not being able to equip shields.
In addition, some of the weapons and armor dropped by monsters increase their status.

#About Weapons and Armor Enhancement#
Weapons and armor can be refined at the blacksmith to improve their performance.
However, if the refining process fails, it will break and become unusable…

#About the monsters#
Many unique monsters appear, such as enemies with high attack power, high defense, fast movement speed, and long-range attacks!
Sometimes, if you’re lucky, they’ll drop powerful equipment.

What's new

- Status point limit changed from 99 to 150
- Added new recovery items
- Adjusted prices of recovery items
- Adjusted refining effect of armor
- Adjusted enemy drop items
- Adjusted Atk of weapons
- Adjusted Def of armor

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